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On this page, I will describe my current research fields:
Context-based and interactive seach for and with text documents

The search application DocAnalyser developed at the chair of communication networks (University of Hagen, Germany) is a new service that offers a novel way to interactively search for similar and related web documents and to track topics without the need to enter search queries manually. The user just needs to provide a web content to be analysed. This is usually the web page (or a specific part of it) currently viewed in the web browser. DocAnalyser then extracts its main topics and their sources (important inherent, influential aspects / basics) and uses them as search words. The returned search words and web search results are generally of high quality. This is mainly due to the implemented state-of-the-art graph-based extraction of keywords of the texts provided. Usually, the currently analysed web document is found again among the Top-10 search results which underlines and confirms this statement. Therefore, this tool can also be used to some extent to detect plagiarism in the WWW. The service DocAnalyser is offered free of charge by the chair of communication networks (University of Hagen, Germany).

Content-based Search of Textual Documents in Large Distributed Systems

The main topic of this DFG-Project is the search for textual documents in Peer-to-Peer networks (P2P), whereby a social search is intended, so that the knowledge in social structures (here P2P networks) can be algorithmically retrieved through intelligent search techniques. On the project homepage you can find more information on this topic.

Mobile Content Search and Distribution

My further research focus is on the search for content in mobile communication systems. Thereby questions arise, if the above mentioned search techniques can also be used for the retrieval and analysis of metadata of multimedia content and if they can be adapted for the usage in mobile applications. At the same time I am researching on innovative solutions for mobile content distribution, like mobile multi-level superdistribution.

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